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Hunting data gathered by Clloud Tryton, Zalera.

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Gyr Abania

A Rank: Orcus
A Rank: Erle
S Rank: Udumbara
Spawn Conditions: Kill 75 Leshy and 75 Diakka.

A Rank: Vochstein
A Rank: Aqrabuamelu
S Rank: Bone Crawler
Spawn Conditions: Run or fly over the spawn locations with your chocobo summoned as a companion.

A Rank: Mahisha
A Rank: Luminare
S Rank: Salt and Light
Spawn Conditions: Discard things from your bags. Don't waste gil here, just get a stack of something cheap, split them and toss them one by one.


A Rank: Funa Yurei
A Rank: Oni Yumemi
S Rank: Okina
Spawn Conditions: Okina has been confirmed to spawn during a full moon. Kill a bunch of Yumemis at 25,26

A Rank: Gajasura
A Rank: Angada
S Rank: Gamma
Spawn Conditions: Similar to Kaiser Behemoth, have the Toy Alexander minion out then run or fly close to or on the spawn locations. This must be done when it is dark (6pm to 4am Eorzea time).

A Rank: Girimekhala
A Rank: Sum
S Rank: Orghana
Spawn Conditions: You must complete the fate "Not just a Tribute." You also need to kill a bunch of slabs around the 12,14 area.

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