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A Rank: Mirka
A Rank: Lyuba
S Rank: Kaiser Behemoth
Spawn Conditions: Summon Behemoth Heir minion and fly low, run, or walk through the spawn locations. Kaiser Behemoth will appear at the spot you spawn him in.

Abalathia's Spine

A Rank: Enkelados
A Rank: Sisiutl
S Rank: Bird of Paradise
Spawn Conditions: Bird of Paradise spawns in response to B Rank Squonk's chirp once its timer is up. Aggro Squonk and keep yourself healed without killing Squonk until S Rank is spawned.

A Rank: Campacti
A Rank: Stench Blossom
S Rank: Leucrotta
Spawn Conditions: Kill 50 each of Allagan Chimera (32,6), Meracydian Voivre (11,37), and Lesser Hydra (11,37).


A Rank: Stolas
A Rank: Slipkinx Steeljoints
S Rank: The Pale Rider
Spawn Conditions: Use level 60 Timeworn Wyvernskin Map in The Hinterlands. The Pale Rider has a chance to spawn when a Treasure Coffer is opened.

A Rank: Pylraster
A Rank: Lord of the Wyverns
S Rank: Senmurv
Spawn Conditions: The Fate "Cerf's Up" must be successfully completed 5 times in a row.

A Rank: Bune
A Rank: Agathos
S Rank: Gandarewa
Spawn Conditions: Mine Aurum Regis Ore from Legendary Mining Node slot 6 at 2am/pm or harvest Seventh Heaven from Legendary Botany Node slot 1 at 4am/pm.