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La Noscea | The Black Shroud | Thanalan | Coerthas | Mor Dhona

La Noscea

A Rank: Vogaal Ja
S Rank: Croque-mitaine
Spawn Conditions: Mine Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil from Unspoiled Mining Node slot 8 from 7pm to 10pm.

A Rank: Unktehi
S Rank: Croakadile
Spawn Conditions: Travel over Croakadile's spawn locations between 5pm and 8pm Eorzea time during a full moon. Player can be mounted or walking.

A Rank: Hellsclaw
S Rank: The Garlok
Spawn Conditions: Garlok spawns after 200 minutes of no rain or showers when its timer is up.

A Rank: Nahn
S Rank: Bonnacon
Spawn Conditions: Harvest La Noscean Leek from Unspoiled Botanist Node slot 6 from 8am to 11am (34,28).

A Rank: Marberry
S Rank: Nandi
Spawn Conditions: Ride or run over Nandi's spawn points with any minion summoned. Nandi will appear at the spot you trigger the spawn.

A Rank: Cornu
S Rank: Chernobog
Spawn Conditions: Set your home point to Outer La Noscea. Death in the area has a chance to spawn Chernobog. Blue Mage's "Sefl-destruct" can be used.

The Black Shroud

A Rank: Foreneus
S Rank: Laideronnette
Spawn Conditions: When it rains twice in a row, Laideronnette spawns during the second rain when its timer is up.

A Rank: Melt
S Rank: Wulgaru
Spawn Conditions: Compiling confirmed conditions.

A Rank: Ghede Ti Malice
S Rank: Mindflayer
Spawn Conditions: Initiating or completing either Battlecraft Leves or Grand Company Leves has a chance to spawn Mindflayer.

A Rank: Girtab
S Rank: Thousand-cast Theda
Spawn Conditions:Catching a Judgeray with a Wildfowl Fly between 5pm and 9pm Eorzea time has a chance to spawn Thousand-cast Theda.


A Rank: Alectryon
S Rank: Zona Seeker
Spawn Conditions: Catching Glimmerscales during Clear or Fair weather with a Butterworm at Nophica's Wells has a chance to spawn Zona Seeker.

A Rank: Sabotender Bailarina
S Rank: Brontes
Spawn Conditions:Eat food on any of the spawn locations. You can be mounted and moving and type of food does not matter.

A Rank: Maahes
S Rank: Lampalagua
Spawn Conditions: Completion or initiation of Battlecraft or Grand Company leves has a chance to spawn Lampalagua.

A Rank: Zanig'oh
S Rank: Nunyunuwi
Spawn Conditions: Nunuyunuwi spawns when no fates have failed for 1 hour if its timer is up.

A Rank: Dalvag's Final Flame
S Rank: Minhocao
Spawn Conditions: Kill 100 Earth Sprites. The fate "Core Blimey" can be used to farm the sprites, don't turn the cores into the fate until 100 have been killed.


A Rank: Marraco
S Rank: Safat
Spawn Conditions: Fall a large distance to 1HP or dying in the zone has a chance to spawn Safat.

Mor Dhona

A Rank: Kurrea
S Rank: Agrippa the Mighty
Spawn Conditions: Opening a Treasure Coffer from a Treasure Map in the area has a chance to spawn Agrippa.